Sälen creative challenge

A mobile game with fun and challenging tasks!

Get to know both Stöten and each other better with our game Sälen Creative Challenge for smartphones. The game itself means that you use our easy-to-use app to solve various creative tasks around the mountain.

It is important to collect as many points as possible by completing the missions, of course, creativity is rewarded with bonus points. Here you will find everything from fun and educational questions with a local connection, to photo assignments and other puzzles. You move around the facility on foot. In addition to all the fun tasks, winning over the other teams also requires a strategy. Team members must come together and prioritize which tasks and places to choose because you will not have time for all of them. You also have the opportunity to add your own questions or assignments.

Time required: 1 - 2 hours.
Group size: 12 - any number of people.
Other: Feel free to use your own questions to work with your values, or other current issues for you.
Tip: Creativity is rewarded!