Before your trip

Before your trip

Information and tips before your trip to Stöten.

Reserve as much as you can in advance prior to your arrival. Book lodging, ski passes, ski rentals, and ski lessons on our website or via telephone +46 (0) 280-75 000. You can also reserve linens and cleaning service. This way the check-in procedure and rental pick-up will go faster. 

Optional services

Prices for optional services such as cleaning can be found here.

Read more about our actions to limit the spread of infection here.

Check-in times

From 15.00 in Stöten’s main reception area

  • Stöten Ski Hotel
  • Stöten Ranch
  • Varglyans Lyor
  • Fjällbyn
  • Stöten Mitt

From 16.00 in Stöten’s main reception area

  • Solhem
  • Varglyans Våningar
  • Granfjällsbyn
  • Soltorgsbyn
  • Kronoparken (Snövägen/Snöflingan) 
  • Pistbyn
  • Nordklint
  • Mountain Village
  • Ranchen Lodge

If you are staying at lodging with a code lock (Pistbyn house number 1-10 and 12) you can check-in through the link you will receive on SMS when your apartment is ready for check-in. If you have pre-booked SkiPass you will need to pick these up in the main reception.

If you have booked any of our accomodation package deals, you will find your check-in time in the booking confirmation.

Check-in routines

When your accommodation is ready for check-in, you will receive an SMS informing you of this. From the stated check-in time above, you will be checking in by picking up the keys in key boxes located outside the main reception at Stötentorget. You will find your accommodation's check-in time in your confirmation or above. In the SMS, you will receive information regarding which box your keys are in.

If your accommodation is ready earlier than your regular check-in time, you will be picking up your keys at the main reception at Stötentorget.

If you live in an accommodation with a code lock (see your confirmation), you will receive an SMS when the accommodation is ready for check-in, you check-in yourself and receive the code for the lock via SMS, and can then go directly to the accommodation.

If you want to buy or pick up pre-booked ski passes, you can do so in our ski pass machines located at Stötentorget, Soltorget, or at Skidtorget. Here you can pick up your pre-booked Skipass via a link on your confirmation or buy a brand new Skipass.

If you want to book a ski school, departure cleaning. or any other activity during your stay in Stöten, you are welcome to the main reception.

We wish you a pleasant trip to Stöten and we are looking forward to meeting you!