Check in

Quick and easy check-in

When your accommodation is ready for check-in you will receive a text with information, follow the instructions in the text to know how you check-in.

Do you check in with keys?

Depending on when you arrive, the keys will be picked up at the following location:

  • 13.00-16.00 you pick up the keys at the reception.
  • 16.00-20.00 you pick up the keys in the arrival boxes, the box number can be found in the text.
  • After 20.00 you pick up your key in our night box, and you will receive the code for the box in your arrival text.

The arrival boxes are located in the tunnel between the reception and the restaurant Brasseriet.

Do you check in with the app Stöten?

Prepare your check-in by downloading the app Stöten.
You use the app to check in and to unlock the door to your accommodation. 

  • Open the app Stöten.
  • Click on the check-in icon. 
  • Fill in your reservation number and your surname, and click on add reservation.
  • You have now checked in.


This is how you open the door:

  • Click on the icon Get room key
  • Fill in your surname and your booking number, and click confirm. 
  • Follow step by step in the app – up to the heading Open door. 
  • Click on the icon Open door, and hold the phone against doorlock to open.


 For the app to be able to open the door, you must agree to let the app use your location services.

Do you check in with a code lock?

If your accommodation has a code lock, you will receive a link to check in to your accommodation in your arrival text. After check-in is complete, a new textwill be sent to you, with a code to unlock the door. You can then go directly to your accommodation!