Check out

Information regarding departure cleaning and check out

Time for check-out:

  • If final cleaning is included in your booking the check-out time is 10 am
  • If you clean by yourself the check-out time is 11 am
  • If you stay at Stöten Ski Hotell the check-out time is 12 am


Should you check out with keys?
If you have collected keys or code cards upon check-in, you check out by returning these to our check-out box outside the reception.

Should you check out  with the app Stöten?
In the app, click on the check-out icon, then confirm the check-out in the next step.

Should you check out with a code lock?
If you checked in through a link, on the same day as your planned departure, you will receive a check-out text - click on the link to check out.