Cabin Owners

Rent out your cabin via Stöten's booking system

Do you own a cabin in Stöten? Would you like to rent it out? We can help. Contact Henrik Nathanson for more information.

Facebook group: We started a Facebook group where you can read all about what it's like to be a cabin owner in Stöten. Join the group here.

Ambassador card: All of the cabin owners who join the association with Söten in Sälen AB and Sälenboende AB have the opportunity to buy our Ambassador Card, which gives you 40% off on all season ski passes. The card also gets you discounts at various restaurants and shops.

Get assistance with guest contacts, service, and practicalities:

Our established marketing and sales channels can help your cabin achieve high occupancy during the entire season. Your cabin will be presented on our website and in several other sales channels and campaigns. That makes it easy to find and simple for guests to book. When guests arrive they check in via our reception

When they check out, we inspect the property and make sure it's clean and nothing is missing. You are of course insured through our agency contract if any damage should occur.

Your cabin owner page: So you can keep tabs on everything going on with your cabin, you get your very own page on Stöten's Cabin Site. Log in here.