A smorgasbord of activities

The very best flavors and activities from Dalarna

Here we have set up a wonderful smorgasbord with the best flavors from Dalarna and "try-out activities", right outside the corner of your hotel or cottage. We have put together experiences that suit most tastes and the smorgasbord consists of several different stations where you can freely walk around the area and taste and try the different activities you feel for. No transportation is needed, and if someone gets cold, the hotel/cottage is a stone's throw away.

Some examples of stations include; lasso throwing, tasting of charcuterie products, shooting dots with air rifles, grilling stick bread, making a fire with a lighter, and making coffee over the fire etc. Of course, the group can also come up with their own elements that they want to try.

Time required: 1,5 - 2 hours.
Optimal group size: 20 - 100 people.