Teambuilding outdoors

Fun and challenging competitions for everyone!

Out of play comes joy, and out of joy comes a sense of community - which is exactly what we at Stöten strive for with our corporate events. Whether it's a fast-paced snowmobile ride up in the mountains or a dip in the hot tub outside the cottage, we want you to leave the activity with the feeling of having been through something extraordinary.

Activities are developed to help colleagues get closer to each other, and provide memories that stay for a long time. Give the conference experience something extra and let the last piece of the puzzle be one of our corporate activities.

An important element in a successful conference is to socialize and engage in activities together. Here we have gathered our most popular competition activities that can be carried out in bloody seriousness or playfully and with a twinkle in the eye - our guides set the level according to your wishes. If you want more suggestions, contact us and we will help you plan a fun and varied program.