Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

This is how we work for you to have a safe stay with us.

Secure booking conditions

For you to feel as safe as possible to make a group booking with us in Stöten next winter, we have in these special times developed favorable booking conditions and affordable cancellation insurance.

Our cancellation insurance

By choosing to add our cancellation insurance at the time the booking is made, you can, without any special reason, cancel your trip up to 20 days before arrival - and get refunded. 

The cancellation insurance costs SEK 495 per booked accommodation object. If you have purchased our cancellation insurance and then choose to cancel no later than 20 days before arrival, Stöten i Sälen retains the fee for the cancellation insurance and an administrative fee of SEK 500 per booked accommodation object. The entire cancellation fee is thus SEK 995 per accommodation and the rest of the money will be refunded.

For you as a guest, a safe visit means that we:

  • Follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and general advice on everyone's responsibility to prevent covid-19 infection.
  • Practices great hand hygiene - regular handwashing with soap and water as well as the use of disinfectant alcohol gel.
  • Provide disinfectant hand alcohol gel in all common areas.
  • Keep social distancing and greets each other without body contact.
  • Have improved our cleaning routines and pay extra attention to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, such as tables, chairs, buttons, handles, coffee machines, etc. These are thoroughly cleaned before and after each conference.
  • Stay at home if we get sick.
  • Adapts meeting arrangements, premises, and furnishings according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and recommendations, where the recommended social distance is maintained.
  • Work actively to prevent congestion or long queues in business premises by limiting the number of people staying in one place at the same time. We also urge everyone to keep a distance from each other.

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