Christmas holidays

Let us take care of your Christmas preparations

Experience the magic that always appears in Stöten around Christmas. Enjoy cold days of skiing on well prepped snow, cozy evenings by the open fire, and a set table filled with Christmas delicacies without yu having to lift a finger. Let us take care of the Christmas preparations while you relax and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

There's something special with celebrating Christmas in the mountains. That snow that rarely appear in the southern parts of Sweden is usually already laying like a white blanket over the mountain landscape by Christmas time, and Stöten is overflowing with Christmas feelings.

Imagine waking up on Christmas day morning with a glistening snow duvet outside the window. Enjoy your morning coffee by the open fire and then hit the freshly groomed slopes with the entire family by your side.

Warm up your cold toes during the lunch break and fill up your energy depots with freshly baked waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream. When the ski day is about to come to an end, you can dance together with Vargy at his afterski, before you head back to the cabin where the Christmas gifts wait under the decorated tree. Experience the surpised looks on your children's faces when Santa Claus himself rings the door bell - and both dad and grandfather are still sitting in the couch.

Finish off your Christmas Day at Brasseriet where the smorgasbord is filled with delicacies. Christmas ham, pickled herring, and meatballs is only a fraction of all the buffet goodies available, in combination with new, exciting dishes and flavors.

Create Christmas memories for life in Stöten - welcome!