Ski lover's package

Our Ski Lover's Package includes both lodging and SkiPass Plus

The ski lover's package is targeting those who think that skiing is more important than anything else and want to book your ski trip at the best possible price. When you book the ski lover's package, you always get accommodation that offers ski-in/ski-out opportunities so you can jump on the skis right outside the door - and end the day's last ride at the same place! Regardless of whether you prefer well-groomed slopes, off-piste skiing, or cross-country skiing, you are always close to lifts or cross-country trails.

You can book the ski lover's package during weeks 51, 2-6 and 10-15 for the season 2024/2025. The price includes unspecified accommodation* and of course SkiPass Plus. With our SkiPass Plus you get access to Sälen's best skiing from early morning to late evening and also an extra ski day. In other words, a skiing holiday filled with skiing!

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we offer morning skiing in the World Cup slope, Familjebacken, Parallellen, Tomten and Tomteluvan at 7:30-9:00 am - a golden opportunity for those who are alert in the morning and love riding well-groomed slopes. On the same slope, you can extend the ski day with evening skiing on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:00-7:00 pm. A ski pass loaded with an extra ski day also allows you to enjoy your favorite slopes during both the day of arrival and departure!

What tastes better than a well-cooked dinner after long, wonderful days on the slopes? Enjoy a tasty three-course dinner at Brasseriet, traditional Swedish meals in a cozy environment at Älvans Restaurang, or why not a real fondue at Tyrolerladan. The possibilities are many and the choice is yours! Did you know that you can pre-book reservations at our restaurants? Read more and book by clicking the links above.

Book your ski lover's package today and look forward to wonderful days with lots of skiing!

*Unspecified accommodation means that we'll choose the accommodation area and accommodation type depending on availability. We always try to make sure that your entire company gets to live together, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it.