Fondue night at Fjällkåtan

Maximize your visit with a magical fondue night!

Opening hours

We open again
12 December!

When the sun has set behind the mountains, and the snow groomers are busy prepping the slopes for a new day, we'll pick you with with snow mobile sleigh and take you to Fjällkåtan for a cozy, memorable evening with fondue.

From 6.30 pm to 8 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays, outside the main reception at Stötentorget, the snow mobile will pick up the guests. Together we ride through the dark and snowy landscape towards the candlelit resturant where a magical evening awaits.

You'll be served the best fondue that the mountains have to offer in an amazing buffet (one buffet per company) with several complementary dishes. You prepare the meat yourself in the fondue pot by the table - and of course we offer vegetarian alternatives. Please let us know in advance if you have special diatary needs!

When the night is coming to and end, we'll take you back to Stötentorget again. And who knows, maybe we'll spot a curious fox running through the now, or a cute mountain hare in the moon light?


Please keep in mind that the snow mobile ride to and from the restaurant might get cold, so wear suitable clothes and shoes.

Don't forget to book your fondue night in advance - because you know that a winter vacation in Stöten is just not complete without a visit at Fjällkåtan? Welcome!

Please note that all of our restaurants are cash free and only accept card payments.