Vargy´s Take Away

Vargy's pizza and kebab at Stötentorget.

Opening hours

We open again
10 December!

Stöten's quickest alternative for tasty food is definitely Vargy's Take Away. If you want to quickly and easily take ready-to-eat food back home to your cabin, this is your best bet.

Order on +46 (0)280-75 000!

Our restaurants are cash free and only takes credit card payments.

1. Margarita Tomato souce, cheese 85 kr
2. Capricciosa Tomato souce, cheese, ham, mushrooms
95 kr
3. Vesuvio Tomato souce, cheese, ham 95 kr
4. Ophera Tomato souce, cheese, ham, tuna, onion 95 kr
5. Hawaii Tomato souce, cheese, ham, pineapple 95 kr
6. Salami Tomato souce, cheese, salami, red onion 99 kr
7. Palumbo Tomato souce, cheese, ham, shrimps, mushrooms 99 kr
8. Vegetariana Tomato souce, cheese, artichoke, olives, onion, pepper, mushrooms 99 kr
9. Indiana Tomato souce, cheese, chicken, pineapple, banana, curry 99 kr
10. Kebab pizza Tomato souce, cheese, fresh tomatoes, onion, kebab meat, kebab souce, pepperoni 109 kr
11. Quattro formaggio Tomato souce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, chévre, parmesan, arugula salad
115 kr
12. Gorgonzola Tomato souce, cheese, mushrooms, onion, beef tenderloin, gorgonzola 115 kr
KEBAB With salad, onion, tomatoes, cucumber and pepperoni  
13. Kebab roll 85 kr
14. Kebab with french fries 89 kr
Extra sides & souce 15 kr
Extra beef tenderloin or Parma ham 20 kr
Pizza salad 15 kr