Rules Stöten Mitt

For everyone to enjoy!

In order for us all to enjoy Stöten Mitt, there are a few things that you, as a guest, should especially consider.

General caution

  • Please be frugal when using hot water and electricity in the propertys apartments and common areas.
  • Ski equipment must be stored in the ski storage room belonging to the apartment.
  • Any comments on the room must be reported to the reception at Stöten Ski Hotel on the day of arrival or no later than 11 am the following day, for action.



  • In order to have safe escape routes in case of fire, it is not allowed to have skis, boots, snow racers, strollers or other objects placed in the corridor. Also consider having clear escape routs at the end of all corridors, where the emergency exits are located.



  • Show consideration for other tenants in the property. For everyones comfort, it must be quiet in the property after 10 pm in the evening.
  • Remember to consider other residents, regardless of the time of day.
  • For emergency calls, contact the security company on phone number: 0730-96 13 77.
  • In case of ACUTE illness, fire or to call the police, call 112.


Balconies and corridors

  • Stöten Mitt is non-smoking (including on the balconies and outside entrances). Violation is charged with SEK 4000.
  • Barbecues or marshals are not permitted on the balconies.


Waste disposal

  • Household waste and compost waste are thrown into containers and bins for compost. DO NOT throw ordinary household waste into the brown compost bins! All these are located at the lower house. Containers for glass, plastic, cardboard and newspapers are available in the car park outside Tempo.