Become a better skier this winter

Three reasons to go to ski school!

More fun at ski school

Children learn very quickly. They learn even quicker when they are having fun. Stöten’s ski schools combine fun and games with the basic skiing techniques. Children learn great habits and get the best possible start to the their future skiing career.

Quick results with a personal trainer

Book a private trainer on the slopes! If you prefer to have your teacher to yourself and make the most of the time, a private lesson is the perfect option. Take a wish list of what you want to learn and book a lesson. A challenging and rewarding session will be tailor-made for you based on your abilities and ambition. All of our instructors are trained in both ski-technique and teaching techniques, and all have years of experience.

Never too old

Overestimating your abilities is the reason that most adults don’t go to ski school. A single lesson can do wonders, giving your love of the sport a new boost and making skiing so much more fun. Join a group or take a private lesson and choose what you want to focus on. Age and ability are no obstacles, there a lessons to suit everyone.

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