Tips from a skiing family

Follow the Bäckström family’s guide to the perfect ski trip

The Bäckström family are true Stöten experts and to them planning is key. Here are their best tips for the perfect winter vacation in Stöten.

Tip #1: Smart planning. Start planning the packing in good time and be sure to have the car fully packed the day before you leave.

Tip #2: Pedal to the floor. We usually drive and try to do as much as possible in one go. Even though it is a challenge we try to leave straight from work so that we can wake up in in Stöten and be on the slopes in the morning to enjoy as much skiing as possible on day one.

Tip #3: Night drives. We recommend driving at night so that instead of wasting precious daylight driving and spending the time on the slopes instead, you can ski instead. When we drive through the night the children at least spend much fo the time asleep. Don’t forget to pack snacks to eat along the way, they come in handy even if you plan to stop and take a break every so often.

Tip #4: Everything in moderation isn’t always right. If your accommodation isn’t right on the slopes, distance is not such a big deal. With small children in tow even a little distance is long enough to take the car considering all the kit and necessities that need to come to. So then it is just as good to book rooms a little bit further away. And you will probably save a few bob.

Tip #5: The only way is up. Take the children all the way to the top for an unforgettable experience. The stupendous views and the looooong ski down! Many of the slopes are no steeper than the nursery slopes.

Trip #6: Soft landings. For the same reasons that we try to leave early in the evening we also like to get home in good time. We always try to drive home on a Saturday rather than a Sunday to land at homd before starting a new work or school week.