Who is Vargy?

The world's most kind wolf

Vargy is a big, cheeky, and cuddly wolf who likes high fives and is Stöten’s very own mascot. He is the kindest wolf in the world and lives under a large spruce near Mormors Störtlopp – go there and have a look if you want! When it's dark and the stars adorn the sky, he hurdles under the spruce. There he lies and counts the stars until he falls asleep. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear him snore. Vargy has a tight and warm coat, but when the thermometer shows -40 degrees, he moves out from his place under the spruce to see the indoor light.

It's nice to sleep, but daytime is the best part of the day, according to Vargy. That's when Vargy's club is happening - Vargklubben! Vargklubben (which translates to 'the wolf club') is for children between three and eight years, and contains lots of fun and games. Join us on an exciting treasure hunt or our cool après ski that makes everyone very happy.

Every week, Vargy host the skiing competition Vargklubbstrofén (translates to the wolf club trophy) which he thinks is the best competition in the world for anyone who likes skiing or snowboarding. Make sure to listen in on Vargy's secret tips about the competition, to get a head start! Since everyone is a winner, all participants will get a prize!

Vargy also shows you the way down Stöten's swooshy slopes. In fact, he is the one who decided where all the slopes should be placed, and what their color is. How did he do that? By trying out on the slopes himself. If he fell on his back three times, then the slope has to be red. If he fell five times, the slope has to be black. The green slopes, because
he did not fall, are good for younger children.

Listen to the story of Vargy here (in Swedish)!