Wolf club

There's always lots of fun happnening at Vargy’s club

Every week is Vargy's favorite week since he gets to hang out with his favorite people - all the children of Stöten! There's a great chance you'll meet Vargy during your stay in Stöten, but if you want to spend as much time with him as possible, you'll get plenty of opportunities for that. Every week* him and his friends arrange activities for all children aged 3-8 years. Birthday party, movie time, and après ski are just some of the activities he's inviting you to.



Registration to all activities is to be made at the reception in Stöten and they're all 80 SEK per child and activity.

Free kids activities during Junior Weeks

During Junior Weeks (week 50, 2-6, and 10-13) all kids activities are free - just like ski school, ski rental, SkiPass, and food. Read more about the offer here!

* We have the right to adjust the activity schedule according to current circumstances. The scedule might vary from week to week, so please look at the weekly program when you arrive to ensure which activities are held during your stay.