Vargy's après ski

Show Vargy your best dance moves on the dance floor

Wednesdays mean après ski for Vargy! After a long day on the slopes, he likes to dance away on the dance floor together with his friends in Vargyklubben. Dance stop, limbo, and lots of other fun activities might happen - you never know what Vargy's up to.

All of Vargy's friends between ages 3 and 8 are welcome. Remember to weat proper clothing and shoes since the activity is helt outdoors. Registration is made at the reception and is 80 SEK per child - except during Junior Weeks (week 50, 2-6, and 10-13) when all the kids club activities are free of charge!

When: Wednesdays at 4.15-5.15pm (doors open at 4pm)


Keep in mind...

Before the activity starts

Make sure that your child has been properly fed and been to the bathroom before you arrive.


When your child is joining an activity, make sure that they wear proper clothing. Not too hot and not too cold. When doing an activity outdoors during extra cold winter days, try to wear layered clothing; first layer, fleece, and outerwear. Wool is the best material to keep closest to your body, since it keeps you both warm and dry. Make sure that your child is also wearing good shoes according to weather.

Contact information

It's important that we get your contact informations, in case we need to reach you for some reason. This information is to be provided upon registration at the reception.