Vargy's barbecue place

Enjoy a grilled meal outside on the slopes

All food tastes better oudoors, that's just how it is! And making your food over an open fire is something that you just have to try during your stay in Stöten. Imagine a white, snow-covered mountain with a crisp temperature, and you can heat up your hands while barbecuing your food over the open fire.

In time for the winter season of 22/23 starting, we built a brand new fire hut in the slope 'Vargys äventyrsbana', with two sheds, four fire pits, and lots of seats with room for many families at the same time. Wood and lighter fluid is always available at the fire places so you can easily start your fire whenever you want.

Since earlier, we have five other barbecue places located all over Stöten's ski resort. You find, except from the new barbecue place, two more in Vargys äventyrsbana, one at Soltorget, one at Skidtorget, and one in the slope Alven, located between Skid- and Snötorget. All barbecue places are of course marked on the piste maps in case you need more specific help finding it.