Vargy's top 3

Here Vargy made a top lists to make the days in the mountain even better!

Drinking a warm thermos on the mountain is a true luxury. When Vargy is out skiing with his friends, he always has something warm to drink. Here are some of his favourites:
Tip #1: Hot blueberry soup
Tip #2: Hot apple juice with cinnamon
Tip #3: Hot chocolate 

When the stomach starts to grumble a little early in the afternoon, it's great to have something easy and delicious to eat in the elevator. Vargy's favourites are:
Tip #1: Biscuits
Tip #2: Dates
Tip #3: Bananas

Vargy himself has a thick coat, which means he does not need more clothes than the red vest and the blue short pants, but he knows exactly what people need to not freeze.
Tip #1: Good thermals as first layer.
Tip #2: A thin hat inside the helmet, preferably wool or fleece.
Tip#3: Tall merino wool ski socks.

Our cuddly wolf is a joke and fun expert. Here are his three best skiing games that he and his friends usually play.
Tip #1: Human slalom. This is how you play: Friends or family stand in the slope to form a human slalom race. The first person makes their way through the track, then stands in the slope to continue the track.
Tip #2: Follow John. This is how you play: The one person who you could name John starts to go down the hill, and the others follow in the same track with some distance between each rider. If John does some tricks like turning or putting both hands in the snow, everyone has to do the same thing.
Tip #3: The Worm. This is how you play: Stand behind each other in a single file and hold each other around the waist. When the worm starts to go gently downwards, everyone will keep up!