Spacious restaurant visits

Enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones

  • The tables in all our restaurants are placed with considerable distances between them.
  • You can advantageously book a table online.
  • This year all lunch orders will be ordered at the table via a new app. Brasseriet and Vargy´s Take Away are offering takeaway during evenings which can be ordered in the new app and picked up at the restaurant.
  • Tables, salt and pepper mills, card terminals, and other surfaces are disinfected between each party.
  • Of course, there are strict guidelines for how all employees should act so as not to risk the spread of infection and stay at home even at the slightest symptom.
  • The breakfast buffet is only offered to the hotel guests in the first place.
  • The number of seats on holidays such as the Christmas buffet and the New Year´s dinner will be fewer, but an increased number of sessions will be offered.
  • Of course, hand gel is available for guests in all restaurants, and last but not least - this year there will be no après ski.