Information on the Corona virus

We are updating the information on a continuous basis

Stöten offers rebooking for the next season

Covid-19 has for a short time fought hard for the Swedish tourism industry, ski resorts is not exempted. There are guests who feel anxious about the upcoming Easter and who, due to the virus, have heard of rebooking requests to Stöten. You who have a reservation in Stöten with arrival date from 28/3 until 19/4 2020 Stöten offers our guests the opportunity to rebook their trip to the next season


At present, the Swedish authorities do not advise against travelling to any Swedish ski resort. We are following recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the government and also encourage our guests to follow their recommendations and advice. As long as there is no advice against travelling to a destination, ordinary cancellation and rebooking conditions apply. We will issue information if any new recommendations are issued by the Swedish authorities affecting travel already booked. At present there are no known cases of the Corona virus at Stöten

If you have fallen ill, you can cancel free of charge as usual provided that you have purchased cancellation and rebooking insurance and have a valid medical certificate. If you do not have cancellation and rebooking insurance, Stöten will not issue any refund in the case of a cancellation. You will then be asked to contact your own insurance company.

Swedish Ski Resorts and Corona information:
SLAO (the Swedish Ski Areas Industry Association) has issued information on recommendations concerning the Corona virus. Read the information below: 

Information on the Corona virus is available at:
Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Public Health Agency of Sweden)
1177 care guide
UD (the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)