Information about COVID-19

Information about COVID-19

This information is continuously being updated

Current information about COVID-19

During times like these, it is crucial to stay updated and keep ourselves informed about prevailing regulations, guidelines, and restrictions. We have strengthened our routines at all levels throughout the organisation, to prevent the spread of infection. The health and safety of our guests and employees is a top priority for us. We closely follow the development of the current pandemic and we strictly obey the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the industry organisation SLAO. We are adapting our operations to these recommendations as we plan for opening in December 2020. We have taken several precautionary measures that, among other things, reduce crowds to prevent the spread of infection. 

The following measures are adopted to prevent the spread of the infection. This information is continuously updated: 

  • We work actively to prevent crowd building by limiting the number of people staying in one place at the same time. We also urge everyone to keep distance from each other.
  • We provide hand gel stations in public areas and we do not shake hands when we greet.
  • We make sure to have plenty of space between the tables in our restaurants and to limit the number of guests staying in one place at the same time.
  • The number of seats available at our Christmas buffet and our New Year´s Eve dinner is reduced. Instead, we offer an increased number of sessions to not gather too many people in the restaurants at the same time.
  • Signs throughout the facility remind both employees and guests to keep the distance from each other. 
  • All children´s activities organised by Stöten är held outdoors or in smaller groups.
  • We do not offer single queues in the lifts and we create space to keep the distance from each other in the queues. 
  • Clear rules and instructions regarding hygiene for all employees and guests using the facilities are provided.
  • Only healthy employees are allowed to come to work. At the slightest symptom, you stay at home and do so for two days after the symptoms have completely ceased.
  • Our caretakers and cleaning personnel stay up to date regarding information and recommendations on the matter. They pay extra attention to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, such as door handles and key cards.

Further information is available at:

The Public Health Agency of Sweden 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Emergency Information from Swedish Authorities

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