Accommodation in connection with Swedens best piste

At Skidtorget you live with pleasant proximity to skiing, both downhill and cross-country, but also close to Stötentoget and dog sledding. Two of our more advanced pistes end at Skidtorget - Näcken and Stötens pride, Älvan, which has been named Swedens Best Pist two years in a row. For those who prefer less advanced slopes, our perhaps best childrens slope also ends here. 

Älvans Restaurant & Café is located right by Skidtorget. Here you can enjoy a good coffee, lunch, a la carte and pizza. For those who prefer packed lunches, there are cozy slog sheds with a barbecue area at Skidtorget. From here it is also possible to walk to and from the restaurants at Stötentorget, it takes approximately 5-15 minutes.

Below you will find all accommodation options at Skidtorget: