Prior to booking

Prior to booking

Information and recommendations when booking your trip to Stöten

Age requirements

A minimum of two (2) people in every accommodation unit need to be at least 20 years old. One of those two must have their name on the reservation and is thereby considered responsible for the booking. If there are not two people over 20 yrs and something is damaged in the accommodation, we charge a damage deposit of 1.000 SEK/person in the booking company. However, the rule does not apply to single parents traveling with children.

If you are under 18 yrs and traveling without a guardian, we require you send us a written proof of your guardian’s consent to the trip. The written consent is to be submitted to us prior to arrival. Click here to download the form.

Arrival- and departure days

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are arrival- and departure days when guests can move in and out of their accommodation. This can, however, vary when it comes to special weeks like Christmas and New Years.

When is my booking binding?

You and Stöten i Sälen AB are bound by the lease as soon as we have confirmed your booking.

When do I pay, and what happens if I don't pay in time?

See Klarna’s payment terms & conditions here. Please bring the booking confirmation receipt upon arrival! You can find our full terms and conditions for reservations here.

Stöten is a cash-free resort

Note that Stöten i Sälen AB is now a completely cash-free resort. In all our restaurants you can pay smoothly by downloading our app Stöten Food & Drinks.