Your stay in Stöten

Useful information and recommendations during your stay in Stöten

Check-in times

From 15.00 in Stöten’s main reception area

  • Stöten Ski Hotel
  • Stöten Ranch
  • Varglyans Lyor
  • Fjällbyn
  • Stöten Mitt

From 16.00 in Stöten’s main reception area

  • Solhem
  • Varglyans Våningar
  • Granfjällsbyn
  • Soltorgsbyn
  • Kronoparken (Snövägen/Snöflingan) 
  • Pistbyn
  • Nordklint
  • Mountain Village
  • Ranchen Lodge

During the winter season 2020/2021, guests staying at Stöten Mitt will check-in at the main reception from 15.00 and onwards.

If you are staying at lodging with a code lock (Pistbyn house number 1-10 and 12) you can check-in through the link you will receive on SMS when your apartment is ready for check-in. If you have pre-booked SkiPass you will need to pick these up in the main reception.

If you have booked any of our accomodation package deals, you will find your check-in time in the booking confirmation.

Events calendar

Click here to view this week´s event program!

Current operations

Click here to view the current status of lifts, slopes, cross country tracks, snow depth, and the daily report from our Ski Patrol.

The lift´s opening hours

  • Week 50-3: 9:00-15:30
  • Week 4-5: 9:00-16:00
  • Week 6-15: 9:00-16:30

The World Cup slope is open daily until 18:00 despite on Christmas Eve when it closes at 15:30.

Morning skiing: Tuesday and Friday, 07:30-09:00

Night skiing: Wednesday and Saturday, 19:30-21:00

Please be aware that our transport lifts are closing at the same time as the rest of the lifts. 

Piste map

Click here to view our piste map.

On the piste map, you will find our open-air huts, warming huts, medical care center, trail central, etc.

Cross country skiing and waxing stations

Click here to read more about cross country skiing in Stöten.

You will find one waxing station at Stöten Ranch and three more waxing stations at Skidtorget.

If you are a rookie, we recommend you to try out the 5 km trail marked in yellow on the piste map.

The lit-up trail, Lysrundan 3 km (marked in green on the piste map) is the shortest yet it offers challenging terrain.

If you are interested in cross country skiing the mountain trails you can take the WC-express lift both up and down the mountain. The lift is located at Stötentorget. If you do not have a SkiPass in advance, you can purchase a one-time return ticket at the main reception.

If you do not ski or snowboard, yet if you would like to enjoy the view from the top of the hill, you can purchase a one-time return ticket with the WC-express at the main reception.

Ski school

Click here to read more about our ski school.

The ski school meeting point is located at Soltorget at the bottom of Vargliften 1 (marked D on the piste map).

You can reach the ski school´s meeting point on skis by various lifts. If you rather drive there, you will find a parking lot conveniently located close to Soltorget.

Due to the current circumstances, we recommend that only one adult drop off and pick up the kids from the ski school to minimize crowding at the meeting point.

Check out 

If departure cleaning is not included in your lodging, you must perform the cleaning yourself. In this case, the check-out time is 11.00 on your day of departure. Please drop off the keys at the assigned key box in front of the main reception.

If you have ordered departure cleaning, or if this is included in your lodging, check-out time is 10.00 on your day of departure. Please drop off the keys at the assigned key box in front of the main reception.

If you are staying in an apartment that has a code lock (Pistbyn house number 1-10 or 12) and you do not have a debt to pay, you can check out through the link sent to you by SMS the evening before departure. If you have a debt to pay, please check out at the main reception according to the time slots above.


If you have complaints regarding the cleaning or the condition of your apartment upon arrival, you should make us aware of this as soon as possible, but no later than 11.00 the day after arrival, so we get a chance to correct this. 

If departure cleaning is included in your accommodation, or if you have ordered this, you only need to take care of the dishes and throw your rubbish in a container at the nearest recycling station. We will take care of the rest.

If departure cleaning is not included in your lodging, you must perform the cleaning yourself. To help you perform the cleaning properly, you will find a to-do list in your welcome envelope. Eventually missing or poorly performed cleaning according to Stöten in Sälen, will be charged with a fine.

Lost key or SkiPass - what do I do?

If you have lost your SkiPass or the key to your accommodation, we advise you to contact the main reception at Stötentorget as soon as possible. If the key has not been found by the time of departure you will be charged a fine of SEK 500. It is highly recommended to take a photo of your SkiPass where the SkiPass number is visible. In this way, we can more easily help you redeem a new SkiPass. Additionally, to redeem a new SkiPass, a purchase receipt of your lost SkiPass is also required.

House rules

You are required to obey our housing rules. Click here to read more.

Smoking and pet restrictions

Please obey any smoking and/or pet restrictions. If the smoking and/or pet restriction indoors is ignored you will be charged with a fine. None of our lodgings is allergy decontaminated.

Cashfree resort

Beginning the season 20/21 Stöten i Sälen AB is a completely cash free resort. 


We offer free public Wifi which you can access in our facilities - Stoten Public. Some of our lodgings do also have access to this Wifi. For some of our lodging which is mediated, the cabin owner has installed Wifi. In this case, we are not responsible for the Wifi.

Pharmacy and doctor

Our doctor’s office is located below Tyrolerladan, at Stötentorget. Here you can meet doctors on weekdays. If you need to see a doctor outside of opening hours we recommend that you visit Sälen´s medical center.

Click here to view the opening hours.

At the grocery store Tempo, at Stötentorget, you will find a small selection of pharmacy products. The nearest larger pharmacy is in Sälen village, 40 km south of Stöten. Here is also Sälen’s medical center located, which is open daily from 08.00-20.00 during the winter.

Grocery store

Tempo is a grocery store at 400 square meters - located in the heart of Stöten. You will find a well-assorted product offering including everything you could need for a successful ski trip.

Click here to read more.