In case of emergency

In case of emergency in the slope

Contact a Stöten host, usually located at the nearest lift and wait for the Ski Patrol.

Doctor on the slopes

Medical center in Stöten. Under restaurant Ladan at Stötentorget you can find our medical center. The opening hours are Monday-Friday 9-10.30am from the 18th of december during the winter season.

If you need medical care outside the opening hour, we refer you to the emergency room in Sälen.

At the supermarket Tempo, you´ll find a small supply of non-prescription drugs. If you need to visit a pharmacy, the closest one is Kronans Apotek, located at Centrumhuset in Sälen.


Visit the official page for defibrillators here.

Defibrillators are available at the following locations in the facility:

  • The reception - in a heating cabinet facing the parking lot, available 24 hours a day.
  • In garage, Skidtorget.
  • Stallet, on Ranchentorget