The 2019/2020 ski season

Everything about this year's ski season in Stöten!

On December 12th, this year's ski season in the Swedish Ski Resort of the Year starts. With 1000 more beds and the new Scandinavian Mountains Airport there's a really exciting season coming up.

"When the new international airport opens, we’ll receive more guests than ever before, both from Sweden and other countries. We’ve invested heavily in being able to satisfy that demand. Because, our goal is to continue to offer not only the best skiing in the Sälen region, but also the best possible overall experience for everyone who takes the chance to spend the winter holiday with us." - Johan Thorn, CEO

News for 2019/2020

Stöten is growing faster than ever. This season, we'll have 1000 more beds with ski in/ski out ready for you. We offer a wide range of different accommodation types, from the simple cabin to big, exclusive log houses with sauna and up to three-four bathrooms. To this year, we've also added a ski carousel at Stötentorget, named "Snurris". Snurris is a perfect first step for our smallest ski buddies to learn how to ride a lift.

Maybe you've already heard about the one biggest news for the year. From December 19th, the new international airport Scandinavian Mountains Airport will open only 15 minutes away from Stöten with direct flights from Copenhagen, Aalborg, London Heathrow and five Swedish cities.


Events in 2019/2020

The ski season in Stöten is full packed with lots of fun events, like kids activities, outdoor Après ski, live music, competitions, ski tests and much more.

It starts with the Ski Test Weekend December 12th. A weekend full of fun activites both on the slopes and outside.

Here's some dates to keep track on!