Welcome to the best skiing in Sälen.

Lift opening hours:
Closed for the season,
opens December 12th.

Stöten is the northernmost ski resort in the Sälen mountain range, and is also home to the highest peak – 370 metres – which means magnificent views of the Swedish and Norwegian mountains. You'll find slopes for all levels of skiers here, from beginner to daredevil. Craving cross-country? Stöten boasts 45 kilometres of trails (including 3 kilometers of lit trails), both for classic and skate skiing.

Soltorget (Sun Square), on the western side of the mountain, hosts the children's area, Vargy's Ski Land. This is where beginners can start learning at their own pace, without worrying about long lift lines. In the middle of the mountain you'll find the heart of the facility: Stötentorget (Stöten Square). This is where most of the activities and events take place. The eastern area is home to Skidtorget (Ski Square), with Sälen's very best ski slopes. These slopes are more advanced and suitable for those seeking a challenge. 

All of our slopes are located near housing, and no matter which slope you choose, getting there is a breeze. Simply put, Stöten has a slope for everyone - and on this site we'll help you find just the right match.