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Which SkiPass should I choose?

In order for you to find just the right SkiPass that fits you and your needs, there are many different options. Here you can read about all the various SkiPasses, who they’re for, and how to purchase them.

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SkiPass 18+ yrs For adults over the age of 18 Enjoy Sälen's best skiing during the regular opening hours. Is available as a 1-14 day card.
SkiPass Plus 18+ yrs For those who really love skiing In SkiPass Plus you'll get morning- and night skiing, plus an additional day of skiing—without charge!
Children with helmets (ski for free) 0-6 yrs For our youngest skiers All children with helmets ski for free in Stöten, but note that they still need their own SkiPass.
Youths 7-17 yrs For kids and youths over the age of 7 Youths under the age of 18 can purchase a SkiPass with a discount.
SkiPass Parent Parents For those parents who want to take turns skiing vs. watching the kids Take turns in skiing during the regular opening hours. Can be purchased as a 3-, 4-, 5-, or 7-day card.
3-hour SkiPass All ages For those who only want to go for a few runs This card can only be purchased at the reception in Stöten. The card is valid for 3 hours from the first lift ride. For price, please contact the reception.
Morning- and night skiing All ages For those who want to maximize their ski day Extend your ski day with morning- and night skiing. This can be purchased at the reception or from the SkiPass vending machines.
Seasonal SkiPass

7-17 yrs
18+ yrs

For those who are planning on visiting us a lot throughout the season This is available for youths and adults and is valid throughout the entire season, including morning- and night skiing.

The SkiPass is personal. Keycard is mandatory, even for children under 7 years old. Always save the receipt! Lost keycard is not refundable, but if you lose your SkiPass, please contact the reception for reloading of the card when showing of the receipt.

Seasonal SkiPass

Season 24/25 Price
Adults 18+ yrs TBD SEK
Youths 7-17 yrs TBD SEK