SkiPass vending machines

The smoothiest way to purchase a SkiPass

Purchase Skipass in our vending machines

In order for you to get as much ski time as possible, we've now installed SkiPass vending machines in Stöten. They're available at all squares; Stötentorget, Soltorget, and Skidtorget. They're easy to use and can be used for both new purchases and picking up pre-booked SkiPasses. It doesn't get much smoother than that!

This is how it works

Pre-booked SkiPasses: To pick up your pre-booked SkiPasses, use the link in your confirmation e-mail. Scan the QR-code and follow the instructions in the machine.

New SkiPasses: Of course, you can also purchase new keycards in the machines and pay on the spot. However, only regular SkiPasses can be purchased in the machines, not SkiPass Plus. The Plus-cards can be puchased online or at the reception in Stöten.

Click here to view prices and purchase SkiPass.

Recharge your existing keycards

We use the system SKIDATA, so if you already have a keycard from Stöten, you can recharge it for your upcoming visit. If you don't have an existing keycard, they are 60 SEK and can be used again and again, season after season. As soon as you've gone through with the payment, you have access to Sälen's best skiing! Reload your keycard here!

Are you unsure wether your keycard works in Stöten? The card nbeed to be marked with SKIDATA or Keycard. When recharging your card, you need Är du osäker på om ditt keyc, and you'll find that on the back of the card.