Safer and more fun skiing with newly-sharpened edges

Opening hours

14 april 8:30 - 16:00

We open again
12 December!

Kaiser's Ski Shop has its own ski workshop with skilled employees who will help you with everything from sharpening and waxing to equipment assembling and reparations.

You can relax - leave your equipment with us at the end of the day, and pick it up fully tuned the next morning.

Workshop Prices
Standard tuning 595 
Heavy tuning 895 
Complete overhaul (base-layer repair) 795 
Edges/waxing 395 
Sharping edges 195 
Mounting 495 
Complete tune up 595
Edges/waxing 395
Waxing 250
Sharpen edges 195
Sharpen + base wax LF 600 
Cleaning - glide wax 350 
Glide wax 150 
Grip wax tape 200 
Grip wax 150 
Cleaning 150