Ski school

Ski school

The pathway to a better skiing experience

Opening hours

Group lessons
Christmas/New Year 2023:
Monday - Wednesday
19-21/12 (can only be booked by phone)
Saturday - Wednesday 24-28/12
Saturday - Wednesday 31/12-4/1

 Can also be booked monday-friday these weeks.


We open again
8 December!

Ski school make you a better skier, regardlesser your age or skill level. After just a few hours with one our qualified ski instructors you'll notice an improvement that likely would have taken years to achieve on your own.

Skiing is more than just learning to stand up and turn properly. It's about getting more out of the entire experience and having a great time in the slopes.

Our ski instructors are professionals who can quickly assess what you're good at and what you could improve. They also know where the day’s best snow is located and where the best gulasch is served for lunch. What's not to like?

To book ski school lessons, click the blue button marked "BOOKING" in the upper right corner. If you would like to add ski school to an already existing booking, click "MY PAGE" instead.