Skiplay 3 years

Ski school for the very little ones

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Skiplay, ski school adapted to the very smallest children!

Learning to ski is both challenging and energy-demanding. Also, keeping the concentration and mood up for a long time is difficult. That's why Stöten's ski school introduces Skiplay!

This is a new type of ski school where the most important thing for the children is to experience skiing as a fun and exciting activity. In addition, our dear friend Vargy comes to visit at the end of the week.

In Skiplay, we limit the number of children to only 3 and each lesson is 30 minutes long. This way, we make the best use of the children's energy, and a smaller group enables the children to get as much individual help as possible!

skiPLAY 3 år
Price 785 SEK 550 SEK
Ordinary weeks 5 days (Mon-Fri)  2 days (Fri-Sat)


Skiplay, 3 years

A special and customized way of introducing skiing to the youngest children. We'll try gliding on the snow and going on the button lift. We'll also practice our sense of balance and learn how to stop properly on skis. This is all done in a very playful way and the main goal is simply for the children to get the best possible start of their skiing career!

Prerequisites: The children must be able to be without a parent during the entire lesson.