Cross-country info

Tips and info before you head out

Here we've gathered some useful information for you who are planning on heading out in our cross-country ski tracks in Stöten.

Waxing stations

Good wax is key when it comes to cross-country skiing. At Stöten, you can find four waxing stations—one by Stöten Ranch and another three at Stötentorget.

Tips for beginners

If you are new to cross-country skiing we recommend you to try Träningsspåret (5 km marked with yellow on the track map) as a start. It's the easiest and best trail for practicing the basics. Lysrundan (3 km marked with green on the track map) is our shortest trail, but note that it contains parts of more challenging terrain, so we recommend this for the more experienced cross-country skiers.
At the cross-country center next to Soltorget, there is an approx 200m long test loop on flat ground in the form of a circle to get used to the skis before heading out on the tracks down into the valley, which starts with a long downhill.

Don’t forget!

Up on the tundra the weather can change really fast. Before you head out, make sure to look at the weather reports and lift reports on our homepage. Ask our staff for advice if you’re uncertain. Dress warmly and think about the wind's chilling effect. All activities in the mountains take place at your own risk. Here you can see which cross-country trails are open right now.

Do you have further questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask our staff in the ski lift and at the reception, we're here for you! You can also always call us at +46 (0)280-75 000 if you have questions and other concerns. Good luck out there!