Vargy's adventure course

A varied terrain track in Vargy’s backyard

This is an exciting forest trail that runs through the woods between Långliften and Mormors störtlopp. It's easy to reach the start of the course using Långliften where every other lift is a button lift - perfect for both adults and children! The adventure course helps children become better skiers while simultaneously having a great time.

Vargy's Grillplats, a cozy oasis at the end of Vargy's adventure course where you can enjoy your packed lunch with a wonderful view of Stöten's slopes. There are 4 barbecue areas and a number of benches, a perfect place to rest your legs while enjoying the spring sun.

For this winter, Vargy has filled the adventure course with a little cleverness and funny figures among the tickling off-road waves in the snow. How about a treasure hunt? Or search and see if you can find the crazy pig tree!