We’re investing more in our snowmaking systems ahead of winter.

Our snowmaking machines let us start the season earlier and keep snow on the slopes longer. As soon as the weather conditions offer the right humidity and temperature, we start making snow at our resort. During the season, our knowledgeable snowmakers work around the clock to get the slopes in the best shape possible for the season. The slopes are covered with a 60-70 cm thick layer of man-made snow.

The granules from our snow canons are denser, rounder and more compact, making it more resistant to heat and wear than natural snow. That’s why it’s great to make snow early in the season. The snow is spread using snow cannons that atomize water and push it out into the air with the help of powerful fans or compressed air. In the air the water drops turn into snow crystals that fall to the ground. Our snow cannons are fed with water pumped from the Görälven river. After the season, the snow melts and the water flows back into the river again. All that’s used in our snowmaking is fresh water from the river and electricity for fans and air.

The air may well be dry when you make snow, and a light, steady breeze should be blowing. That lets the water travel farther and more water molecules have time to freeze into snow. Ideally, there should also be frost on the ground before making snow as the snow insulates the cold and remains on the ground longer.

But natural snow is of course also very important. It’s what lands on the trees and helps the whole mountain landscape transform into something magical. Most prefer to ski on a surface that’s a blend of natural snow and artificial snow as that allows the hill remain skiable all day without seeming icy.

Better snow conditions in Stöten

Stöten has invested in snow-making systems that can produce up to 50% more snow compared to previous years when temperatures are between -1 and -5C. That’s allowed us to increased snow production over a greater range of freezing temperatures. The new snowmaking system ensures ski slopes open faster. This is especially good news for guests who come here early in the season, as our ability to have many slopes open early has increased significantly.