Check in and check out

Information about your check-in and check-out in Stöten

Check-in routines
On the day of arrival, you will receive an SMS as soon as you accommodation is ready for check-in and the keys can be picked up in the key boxes outside the main reception at Stötentorget. Which key box your particular key is in, is stated in the text message. The check-in times for our accommodation with a code lock (Pistbyn no. 1-10 and no. 12, see you confirmation), you check in and out via the code you received in the text message and therefore do not need to visit the reception at all.

Check-in times
All check-ins and key handouts take place at Stöten´s main reception at Stötentorget.

Check-in from 16:00.

  • Stöten Ranch
  • Varglyans Lyor

Check-in from 17:00:

  • Pistbyn
  • Nordklint

Check-out routines
Unfortunately, the holiday does not last forever. When your stay begins to come to an end, the night before departure, you will receive a departure email with instructions and informations about what applies to check-out.

The keys are left in the check-out box outside the reception at Stötentorget. If you have a debt to settle, you are welcome to the reception. If you live in a accommodation with a code lock and have no debt to settle, you can check-out by clicking ont the link you receive via text message the night before departure. 

When do I have to check-out?

  • If you have ordered a departure cleaning or if it´s included in the accommodation, the check-out time is 10:00.
  • If you clean yourself, the check-out time is 11:00.

Departure cleaning
If departure cleaning is included in your accommodation or if you have chosen to buy this, you as a guest only need to take care of the dishes and throw your rubbish at the nearest recycling station - we will fix the rest.

If you clean your accommodation yourself, you will find instructions in the form of a remember-list here! Missed or poorly performed cleaning according to Stöten will be charged.