Rules for your stay in Stöten

For a peaceful stay in Stöten

Rules for your stay in Stöten
For eveyone´s well-being the following rules apply when staying in Stöten.

  • Take other guests into account. Keep in mind that many people want to rest before the next day´s adventures. Loud noises from radio, television, stereo or other noise, especially at night, as well as injury or damage, cause at most a warning and then immediate eviction. It should be quiet in the whole area between 23:00 and 07:00.
  • Alcoholic beverages or drugs are not allowed in public places.
  • Individual firecrackers, fireworks are prohibited within the facility.
  • Take responsibility for the environment, throw rubbish and bottles in designated containers.

No smoking and no pets
If there is a smiking and/or animal ban in the accommodation, this must be respected. If smoking bans or pet bans are not respected indoors, you will be charged.

None of our homes are allergy-free.

Comments regarding accommodation
If you have comments regarding the accommodation, this must be notified before 11 am the day after arrival.