Biking in Sälen

Try road cycling, cross country or downhill in Sälen

In Stöten and our immediate area, there are well-marked tracks for all cyclists - large and small, beginners and advanced cyclists. Regardless of whether you prefer road cycling, cross country or downhill, there are challenges to face in the Sälen mountains. If you want to rent bikes, you can do so at Kaisers Skidbod in Lindvallen.

Giro di Stöten, 85 km

This wonderful trip takes you to Sälen's village and back on paved roads. Follow road 66 towards Sälen. In the village of Sälen, you cycle north on the eastern side of the Västerdalälven towards Fulunäs. In Fulunäs you turn west towards Norway and at the intersection at Stöten's camping you turn left towards Stöten. At the t-junction just over a mile after Görälven, turn left and return to the lower roundabout in Stöten.

Cross country in Rörbäcksnäs

In Rörbäcksnäs, 15 minutes drive from Stöten, there are 115 km of cross country bike tracks to explore. The nine trails in various levels of difficulty are well marked and are well suited for both families and the advanced, adventurous cyclist. The tracks in Rörbäcksnäs are some of Sweden's best single tracks. Read more about the trails here!