Hiking in Sälen

Anything from day trips to multi-day hikes

Granfjället is with its 949 meters above sea level the highest peak in the entire Sälen mountain area. From the peak you'll have a fantastic view of both the Swedish and the Norwegian mountain landscape.

Start your hike on the hiking trail in Stöten and follow the red crosses towards the top of Granfjället. It is suggested that you follow the trail to Västra Granfjället and down to Fuluforsmyren via Kungsleden and Granfjällssätern and then take the gravel road back to Stöten. Extend the trip as you wish by continuing north on Kungsleden and then turn south again.

Another possibility is to follow the trail towards Närfjällsstugan. Here you can enjoy your packed lunch and the view of the Norra Transtrandsfjällen nature reserve. From here there are several opportunities for continued hiking if you do not wish to return to Stöten. Continue to Stor-Närfjället and at the top of this mountain you can choose to follow Sälenringen towards Närsjön via Saldalkoja or turn off towards Orrliden. Both hiking trails take you to road 66.

If you are looking for an extended day trip, you can continue down the valley towards Tandådalen. A couple of kilometers into the trail, you can turn off towards Myflodammen for a slightly shorter hike or continue towards Kläppenskjulet via Sälenringen for a slightly longer hike.

The Sälenringen is a natural choice for those who want a multi-day hike in the Sälen Mountains. There are several rest cabins and windbreaks along the trail. Get around Sälenfjällen on foot and experience everything from bare mountains to old-growth forests!

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