Dog sledding tours

Experience another side of Stöten!

Few experiences take you closer to nature and the fantastic views of the winter landscape than to go dog sledding. Take place in the cozy sledge and feel the power when the dogs start the sledge and set off through snowy landscapes and further out into the wilderness.

With the wind against your cheeks and the magnificent surroundings as a background, the sound of the sledge against the snow and the dogs breaths are all you can hear. Riding a dog sled is an unforgettable experience that's appreciated by the whole family, regardless age. Join us on an adventure close to nature and create a memory for life!

Our tours are performed by Peakpoints, who is one of the largest actors of dog sledding in Sälen. The tour is approximately 15-20 minutes and of course there is time to cuddle with the dogs afterwards. We arrange tours every Wednesday and Friday at 11 am and 2 pm, and all tours start by Stötens new camping by the lower circulation place. Every sledge holds four persons.


Kids 2-12 yrs 445 SEK
Adults 13+ yrs 595 SEK

To book, call +46 (0) 280-750 00. For other requests about dog sledding tours, contact or call +46 (0) 70-686 62 13. You can also read more here.

Note that Stöten in Sälen is a completely cash free resort. The range of activities may vary from one week to another. Please check the activity program to see all the specific activities happening during your stay in Stöten.