Pool and sauna

Enjoy the warm and cold bathing pools at Vattufjäll.

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday    11.00-20.00
Sunday                      11.00-19.00
0-3 years                   Free
3-6 years                   65 SEK
7-15 years                 85 SEK
16+ years                  115 SEK
Only sauna                70 SEK

Vattufjäll is home to a large pool, a smaller children's pool, a Jacuzzi and a sauna. The pool is also directly connected to the Vattufjäll Pool Cafe, where you can buy tasty entrees, sandwiches, delicious pastries, ice cream, and candy. We also serve drinks.

We recommend to bring a padlock for your valuables. You can also buy a padlock in the pay desk for 45 SEK.

Did you know that swim and sauna is included in SkiPass+?