Terms & Conditions

Stöten Food & Drinks

Terms and conditions


1.                   About Sälen Restauranger AB

The app Stöten Food & Drinks (”The App”) is supplied by Sälen Restauranger AB company ID number 556852-5504 (”the Seller”, ”We”, or ”Us”). If you wish to contact us, please find our contact information under item 12 below.


2.                   About terms and conditions and purchases made via The App

The following terms and conditions apply when placing orders and purchasing products via The App. Purchase agreements are entered into via The App and are deemed to have gained force once we have confirmed your order, or, if this is already been carried out, when you begin using your purchased service.


3.                   Prices and products

Prices for products and services are stated including VAT in the specified currency. The total price is displayed on the checkout page, including all fees such as shipping fees, handling etc.

We aim to keep The App updated of all changes made to the product range, with reservation for products that may be out of stock. We also work hard to make sure that all prices and product descriptions in The App are completely correct, but cannot guarantee that all information is accurate.


4.                   Ordering

Place your order via The App. The personal data you provide when placing an order must be correct and belong to the person ordering the products. We are not responsible for non-deliveries resulting from insufficient or incorrect information being provided when the order was placed. All of your order placements can be found under My Orders in The App.


5.                   Payment

There are several different payment methods available on the checkout page for each product or service. Payment is made by card or in accordance with the terms and conditions otherwise applicable for each payment method, as stated at the time of purchase. The receipt can be sent electronically to your email address.

Card payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Payment is drawn from your charge card directly.

To pay by card, the customer must register one or several charge cards or other forms of payment by registering the card details on The App. For charge cards, the customer must register their card number, the card owner’s name, expiration date and CVV number. You only need to register once and will not have to provide your details each time you make a purchase.


6.                   Confirmation of order and delivery

When we receive your order, you will receive confirmation directly to The App. Once your order has been confirmed and ready to be delivered, you will receive confirmation directly to The App.

Delivery options are displayed on the checkout page, choose the option that suits you when you place your order.


7.                   Cancellation (right of withdrawal)

When you make a purchase via The App, you have the right to cancel (withdraw) the order pursuant to right of withdrawal provisions, if you inform us within 14 days. When purchasing the service, the deadline is counted from the date of the order placement, and when purchasing goods the deadline is counted from the date you received the goods. We will then refund the fees you have paid for the product or service in question. You will have to pay the costs yourself when returning the product.

Right of withdrawal is only applicable if (i) the product is returned undamaged, or (ii) we have not already begun delivering the service you wish to cancel. Note that food sales are not covered under the right of withdrawal. Find out more about the right of withdrawal and what products and services are exempt from right of withdrawal legislation on the Swedish Consumer Council’s homepage, where you can also find forms to fill out to exercise your right of withdrawal.


8.                   Product guarantees

We do not provide guarantees for any products bought or ordered through us, but you are always entitled to file a complaint about faulty products within three years of the purchase (see paragraph 9). The guarantee will be applicable to the extent provided by the manufacturer.


9.                   Refunds

When you receive your product, it is important that you make sure that it is not damaged or faulty. If you believe that a product has been delivered in a damaged or faulty state, you should contact us and file a complaint for the product or service. We will then review the complaint and notify you of whether the complaint has been approved and how it is to be rectified, e.g., new delivery, price reduction or refund. Refunds are made as quickly as possible, and within 30 days of the final decision on the complaint, at the latest.


10.                                   Intellectual property rights

Your use of The App does not mean that any copyrights or other intellectual property rights are assigned to you. You may not use, copy, alter or in any other way affect the software or other material belonging to us or our collaboration partners (e.g., but not limited to, information and images made available via The App); neither may you assign or transfer any rights to the software or material to another person.


11.                                   Personal data processing

The personal data needed to receive, process and deliver your order will be processed by the Seller. We process all personal data in accordance with applicable personal data regulations. Read more about how we process personal data here.


12.                                   Contact details and customer service

If you wish to contact us, you can reach us at:

Sälen Restauranger AB
780 67 Sälen, Sweden
+46 280-75 000


13.                                   Force Majeure

We are not responsible for any damage or performance failure as a result of strikes, fires, exercises of governmental authority, labour disputes, accidents, failures or delays caused by subcontractors, outages in general communication systems or other circumstances beyond our control and which we reasonably cannot be assumed to anticipate, and whose consequences we could not reasonably avoid or overcome. If a circumstance in accordance with this paragraph 13 persists for a period exceeding 1 month, the party has the right to terminate the purchase agreement the fulfilment of which is prevented by such circumstances, with immediate effect.


14.                                   Limitation of liability

Our liability for delivered products and services requires that they be used in the intended manner. Our liability for injuries that may arise as a result of faulty products or services provided by us is limited to the provisions of the applicable law. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, we are not responsible in any cases for indirect injuries or losses incurred, and our responsibility toward you, unless caused with intent or as the result of gross negligence, is limited to a refund for the product or service.

To be eligible for any compensation for damages incurred, your request for compensation must be filed within a reasonable time after the damage was, or should have been, discovered.


15.                                   Addendum to the terms of agreement

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Terms and conditions approved and accepted by you at the time of purchase are applicable in all cases.

Disputes and applicable law
In the event of a dispute regarding the validity, interpretation and application of these terms and conditions, initially, efforts shall be made to negotiate a settlement between the Seller and, you, our customer. If said negotiations do not resolve the dispute, you may bring it before the Swedish Consumer Council. The dispute may also be resolved in district court, in which case Norwegian law is applicable.