Après ski

En the ski day in the best way possible

Opening hours


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 15:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 15:00-17:00
  • Wednesday 15:00-17:00
  • Thursday 15:00-17:00
  • Friday 15:00-17:00
  • Saturday 15:00-17:00

After a long hiatus - the après ski is back!

Après ski, or 'afterski' as we say in Sweden, is a big part of the skiing experience. Enjoy a cold beverage after the ski day has ended in good company, before you head to the showers. Après ski means time for relaxation, reflection, or just a good party. When the winter is cold and dark, we'll light candles and enjoy the 'afterski' indoors, at Brasseriet. But when the spring arrives, and the sun is present, we move the après ski ourdoors on the terrace with great music and the classic 'ski boot dance'. Regardless what kind of 'afterski' you're in the mood for, Stöten is the place for you.