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SkiPass in Sälen

A SkiPass in Stöten gives you access to Sälen’s best skiing! The price may vary depending on when you’re visiting us, and to find out your exact price, fill out your arrival date in the form below. Then you’ll be able to see all our SkiPass options and their prices.

Get all the advantages with SkiPass Plus

Discover all the advantages that come with our SkiPass Plus—the card for anyone who loves skiing. If you book a SkiPass for the whole duration of your stay, you’ll also get access to both morning- and night skiing, plus an additional ski day—without charge! Read more about SkiPass Plus here!

Pre-book SkiPass and maximize your skiing time

SkiPass is always cheaper online–plus, you save time. Thanks to our SkiPass vending machines you can easily pick up your pre-booked SkiPasses without having to visit a potentially crowded reception with full ski gear on.

You know you can re-use your old keycards, right? Read more here!

SkiPass prices

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The prices may vary due to e.g. currency changes. If you have questions, please contact us at +46 (0) 280-75 000.