More than just skiing

The perfect ski vacation should not include any limitations or compromises - and that's exactly what you get with our SkiPass Plus. Not only do you get to ski during our ordinary opening hours, you also get access to both early morning and night skiing - and one extra day of skiing. Without paying any extra! Just add your SkiPass Plus to your accommodation reservation to get it free of charge.

Please note that it is only possible to get your SkiPass Plus if you book accommodation through Stöten and book SkiPass throughout the entire accommodation period.

SkiPass prices

We offer a selection of different types of SkiPasses to fit your specific needs. See all our SkiPass prices below. Note that the price for SkiPass Plus is the same as a regular SkiPass, and can be purchased until the day before arrival. SkiPass Parent (when to parents share one SkiPass) is similar to standard SkiPass and does not include all the benefits of the SkiPass Plus. SkiPass Plus can be purchased for 2-14 days or as a seasonal SkiPass.

Seasonal SkiPass
Adult (18+): 
Youth (7-17 years): 

Please note that the season pass includes morning and evening skiing but no other benefits included in the SkiPass Plus.

Recharge your existing key cards?

We use the Ski Data System. If you have a key card from a previous visit to Stöten, you can recharge your existing key card before your visit. As soon as the payment is complete, you can enter the slopes! Recharge your key card here.

Here you can get our SkiPass prices! Click Select arrival day and fill in the date of your first skiing day below to see the price list.

*The price can be adjusted depending on, among other things, currency changes. If you have any questions, contact us at 0280-75 000.

arrival date




Our skipass OPTIONS
This is includedSkiPassSkiPass Plus 
Skiing in ordinary hours
Morning skiing in World Cup-slope  
One extra skiing day  

Other SkiPass options
If you want to buy SkiPass for just one day or plan to ski for a shorter period than your stay here at Stöten you can purchase our ordinary SkiPass here. This is also where you purchase our SkiPass Parent - a SkiPass to share between two adults who don't need separate SkiPasses during the vacation.

After arrival

When you have arrived at the resort, it's possible to purchase your SkiPass in one of our SkiPass machines located on all of Stötens squares; Stötentorget, Soltorget, and Skidtorget. You are also able to pick up your pre-booked SkiPass here using the link you receive in your order confirmation e-mail. Please be aware that it is only possible to purchase ordinary SkiPasses in these machines, not SkiPass Plus. SkiPass Plus can however be purchased in the reception at Stötentorget.

In order to buy the SkiPass Plus you must book SkiPass for the same time period you have booked housing. The extra values offered through the SkiPass Plus cannot be combined with other offers. Kids 0-6 years, youth 7-17 years and adult 18+.

The SkiPass is personal and cannot be transferred. Having a keycard is mandatory and lost keycards will not be replaced by Stöten. If you lose your SkiPass, contact reception with your receipt on-hand for recharging.