Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

45 kilometres of trails for both classic and skate.

Cross-country in the valley

In the valley trails you can choose between skate and classic style. The trails are six metres wide and depart from four area at Stöten Ranch, the Skidtorget square, Soltorget square, and Kronoparken. You'll find a polishing station at Stöten Ranch and another three at the Lya area.

3 km Lysrundan trail – Classic style. Artificial lighting till 23.00
4 km Pipsvängen trail - Skate and classic style
5 km Träningsspåret trail - Skate and classic style
7 km Slingersvansen trail - Skate and classic style
8.5 km Comborundan trail - Skate and classic style

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Cross-country trails in the mountains

Stöten has two cross-country trails up in the tundra with fantastic views over the alpine landscape. The trails are made as soon as there’s enough snow, but are best after late February. Don’t forget to look at the weather report and dress warm before you head out. See more information below.

3 km Toppspåret trail

Start at the top of Vargy Express and continue for 3 km with an amazing 360-degree view over the Sälen mountains as well as the mountains across the border in Norway.

15 km Östra Granfjällsturen trail

Roughly 11 km from the top of Mormors Störtlopp run. Östra Granfjället is the highest peak in the Sälen mountains, reaching 948 metres. From here you have a great view over the Swedish and Norwegian alpine landscape. You ride up with the Vargy Express lift and then easily glide down 1 km to the top of Mormors Störtlopp. The trail continues around Östra Granfjället, past the Närfjälls cabin and along the snowmobile trail back to Vargy Experss chairlift that takes you down the mountain again.

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Vargy Express takes you up and down
You can get up to the trails with Vargy Express chairlift during normal opening hours when it’s free for cross-country skiers. The same lift takes you down again. Vargy Express is the only lift that allows cross-country skiers due to safety reasons. Staff can give you more information.

Don’t forget!

Up on the tundra the weather can change really fast. Before you head out, look at the weather reports and lift reports on our homepage. Ask staff for advice if you’re uncertain. Dress warmly and think about the wind chill effect. All activity in the mountains takes place at your own risk.

Here you can see which cross-country trails are open right now.