Snowboard school

Snowboard school

Snowboard classes for beginners and shredders.

We promise you'll feel safer, more skilled, and have even more fun on the slopes after lessons with us.

Snowboard school
Price 825 SEK (Level 1) 725 SEK (Level 2)
  1 day (monday) 2 days (tue-wed)


Green level 1 Snowboard

Includes equipment. Beginner's course where we learn the basics of snowboarding. We work on finding your balance, turning, braking, and taking the lift. We'll be working on the easiest slopes near Soltorget for the entire class and we'll make sure you learn everything. We focus on getting everybody on-board. Three hours one day, ages 8 and up.

Prerequisites: You who participate need to have turned 8 years old but do not need any previous snowboarding skills, however, the will to learn and a happy mood are needed.

Blue level 2 Snowboard

Intermediate course where we further develop balance and control. During the class we’ll work on using both our toes and heels for steering and control, developing a good flow on the board. The course is tailored to students' abilities. Two days, 1 hour and 15 minutes. Ages 8 and up.

Prerequisite: You can brake and turn in both directions on green and blue slopes, and take the lift. You also need the will to learn and a good mood.