Ski rentals, ski shop & maintenance

Let Stöten take care of both you and your skis

Choose the delivery point that is closest to you, so you dont have to carry heavy loads:
Stöten Ski Shop:

Stöten Ski Lodge  Soltorgsbyarna Granfjällsbyn, Snövägen, Snöflingan

Kaisers Skidbod Vattufjäll:
Stöten Ski Hotel, Stöten Mitt

Kaisers Skidbod Mountain Lodge: Mountain Village, Nordklint, Dalaviste, Varglyans våningar & lyor, Ranchen Lodge  Ranchen Platån, Fjällbyplatån Fjällbyn, Ranchen, Fjällvyn, Pistbyn

In Stöten we offer three different ski rentals, one at Soltorget and two at Stötentorget. All to ensure that you get as easy and smooth an experience as possible when you rent your equipment.

The common denominator is, of course, that the skis are always freshly sharpened, newly waxed and of the latest models.

In Stöten you will find all the equipment that you will need for your stay. Book a package or supplement your equipment with individual items.
Pre-book your equipment at least 5 days before arrival.

How do I know which ski rental to choose?
In the list to the right, you will see which ski rental you should choose depending on which area you are staying in. Choose the delivery point that is closest to you, so you don't have to carry heavy loads. We offer ski rental at Soltorget and at Stötentorget. All so that you as a guest will have as smooth an experience as possible!


Below you will find our alternatives to ski rental: