Environment & sustainability

Read about Stöten's sustainability work

At Stöten, we care about the environments of our beatutiful mountain landscape. We're constantly working to make our resort even more sustainable, and here are some of the actions we've taken to keep our climate impact to a minimum:

Waste & recycling

  • We're part of an environment project together with Sälen's hospitality industry, where we'll hopefully introduce brand new recycling stations within the next couple of years. The stations will make us the industry leader when it comes to green garbage disposal.
  • At Stöten's resort, you can recycle glass, newspapers, metal, plastic, and paper at all of the 11 recycling stations available all round the facility.



  • During 2018, we installed a new pellet boiler as part of the project 'Klimatklivet', an initiative by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and EU, which is part of the world community's agreed aspirations to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions. Stöten i Sälen AB has received economic aid from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for investing in the new pellet boiler.
  • The pellet boiler reduces the energy comsumption at Stöten's hotel, central restaurants, and the activity center 'Vattufjäll' with approximately 70%.
  • The pellet bolier is overdimentioned in relation to what the daily energy comsumtion is at this point, but it's built with potentional new facitilies around Stötentorget in mind, and in the future it will also cover their heating needs.
  • The ventilation system in the center of Stöten has been upgraded, which means a lower energy consumption than before.
  • All new produced buildings facilities that has been managed by Stöten has geothermal boilers installed.


Snow and slopes

  • During the last couple of years, we have invested 50 million SEK in a top modern snow making system in Stöten.
  • Despite the bigger snow making system, which produce 35% more snow than before, we waste less energy, 25% less, than with the old system.
  • New and more environmental friendly snow groomers has been purchased. The machines has a built-in GPS-system which streamline the snow grooming process and makes it easier to see how and where the snow should be distributed.
  • Our machine operators have all been educated in how to drive as fuel- and energy efficient as possible.


  • At Stötentorget's parking lot, there are several charging stations for electric cars available.
  • All lodging in Stöten is located within walking distance of the slopes or a ski lift to take you to the slopes, and a car is thereby not needed when staying at Stöten.
  • To minimize the usage of cars around the resort, we've arranged an internal transportation system.
  • All seasonal staff in Stöten is living within walking distance of their work place.


Green 2020

Stöten was part of the EU project 'Green 2020', that was initiated to make ski resorts more energy efficiant and sustainable.

GREEN 2020

"Interreg-projektet GREEN 2020 pågick mellan 2011 och 2014 och var ett samarbete mellan skidanläggningarna i svenska Dalarna och norska Hedmark. Syftet var att visa destinationerna på olika vägar att uppnå EUs energimålsättning, om 20 procent energieffektivisering, 20 procent ökad andel förnybar energi samt 20 procent effektivare transporter till år 2020. De största destinationerna i det som är Skandinaviens största skidområde, har deltagit i projektet. Genom ett nära samarbete har studier, kartläggningar och pilottester blandats med seminarier, studieresor och möten. Samtliga skidanläggningar har investerat både arbetstid och pengar för att kunna genomföra flera av de åtgärdsförslag som framkommit inom ramen för GREEN 2020."